Our mission

NXD-Audio strives to contribute to a safer world by developing innovative, functional and reliable components for Voice Alarm (VA) systems.

Our product portfolio will comprise of high performance loudspeakers, monitored networked amplifiers and additional components that will help integrators and installers to achieve optimum performance and reliable operation at low operational costs.

We believe in the power of combined engineering, shared resources and open communication in order to realize and maintain large projects. Interfacing with our products will be established using open standards, eliminating unnecessary glue logic, facilitating integration and enhancing serviceability and reliability.

In order to reduce cost of ownership, our product development focuses on minimal operating energy consumption and maximum lifespan.

We carry our responsibility regarding the environment by using recyclable materials (cradle to cradle), reducing energy consumption during the manufacturing process as much as possible and avoiding materials that can be harmful for nature and people. The components we use during assembly of our products are sourced from suppliers who treat environment and human resources in a respectful manner.

We strive for optimum control over components, production conditions and quality. Production is located at our premises in order to achieve this.

Besides developing and manufacturing excellent products, we specifically value the contact with our customers. We strive for an open and respectful relationship based on clear commitments. After all, it is the success of our customer's projects that really counts and in turn adds value to the development and production of our products.

Development for the Future